Steve Wisner

Software Engineer


In 2014, I taught myself how to code as a hobby. Three years later, I decided to take a risk to pursue a career as a web developer. I resigned from my job and attended a 3-month web development immersive program. Currently, I’m employed at WebPT where I am a lead software engineer for the company's new tasking application.



Current Stack

Amazon Web Services
















Latest Projects

Investment DashboardAugust 08, 2021

A personal web application currently being developed that allows me to track and monitor current investments and identify investment opportunities. Backend Technologies Used: Apollo, GraphQL, TypeScript, Prisma, Jest, Docker, PostgreSQL, SQL Frontend Technologies Used: Next.js, React, Apollo Client, styled-components, Cypress, Jest, React Testing Library

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Web ScraperJune 08, 2021

Server Scraper The server scraper collects data from financial websites that are rendered on the server. Technologies Used: Node.js, TypeScript, Cheerio, Express, Jest, Docker Client Scraper The client scraper collects data from web applications that use client-side rendering. Technologies Used: Node.js, JavaScript, Express, Jest, Cypress - -- Legal Disclaimer: No laws were violated with the…

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Robert Hazel WebsiteMarch 02, 2020

Website: The website contains Robert's resume, interviews, and scripts. Using the Netlify CMS, Robert submitted chapters of his book "The Great Cancer Adventure", which documents his experience being diagnosed and treated for cancer. Technologies Used Gatsby, React, Netlify CMS

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Gatsby ContributionJune 06, 2019

Filed an issue with Gatsby demonstrating the need for an option to be available with gatsby-plugin-google-tagmanager that makes the plugin compatible with GTM containers using a renamed dataLayer. Made a pull request with the necessary changes and code was merged to the master branch on March 25, 2019 (commit #4a149c7)

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Property Data GeneratorDecember 02, 2018

Due to increasing costs related to the project, the desktop application is no longer available for download. Project Benefits : The greatest strength of PDG was its speed and universal compatibility. When testing PDG, results for 500 properties were retrieve and formatted in a new spreadsheet in 14 seconds. Also, PDG was designed to be universally compatible. The application was available for…

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