Property Data Generator

Property Data Generator (PDG) was a free desktop application that allowed users to quickly and easily search a list of addresses for property data using Zillow’s Web Services.

Due to increasing costs related to the project, the desktop application is no longer available for download.

Property data generator screenshot

Project Benefits:

The greatest strength of PDG was its speed and universal compatibility. When testing PDG, results for 500 properties were retrieve and formatted in a new spreadsheet in 14 seconds. Also, PDG was designed to be universally compatible. The application was available for download for both macOS and Windows operating systems. Also, the results spreadsheet is autogenerated as a CSV file, ensuring that it can be used with Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, and virtually all other software.


Application Statistics (3 month period):

Search Results Statistics:

Total Properties Searched: 73,636

Total Properties Matched: 55,883

Raw Match Rate: 76%

Adjusted Match Rate: 93% (excludes users who failed to upload the CSV in the required format)

Users Statistics:

Total Registered Users: 229

Repeat Users: 81

Retention Rate: 36%

Technologies Used:

Electron, React, Redux, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB